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This template attributes a song to an artist and notes its release on an album, single, compilation or soundtrack.

About Templates

  • Parameters should be changed prior to saving the page.
  • Parameters may appear on a single line or multiple lines, but parameters must be preceded by a | (pipe).
  • Do not change the template's name {{Song. This is required by the software to know which template to use.
  • As always, please use the "Show preview" button and check for errors before saving the page.

For more information on how templates work, see Help:Templates


Required minimum:
{{Song||<name of artist>|star=<colour>}}
  • The name of the artist will be inserted automatically when you create a new song page. Please make sure it is correct, though, as in some cases (if the song title includes a colon ":") the detection doesn't work properly.
  • See LW:PR for available star colours and their meanings.

Album (recommended):
{{Song|<album name (year)>|<name of artist>|star=<colour>}}

Important: The parameter after the first pipe must be either the album or left blank, and the parameter after the second pipe must be the artist! All other parameters can be added in any order.

Album type:
{{Song|<album name (year)>|<name of artist>|star=<colour>|type=<album type>}}
  • Any type can be entered: "box set", "EP", "Greatest Hits compilation"… The default is "album".
  • Note that with types Soundtrack and Compilation, the album link changes from "Artist:Album (Year)" to "Album (Year)".
  • The first letter of the type is case-insensitive, so "soundtrack" and "Soundtrack" work equally.

Featured artist:
{{Song|<album name (year)>|<name of artist>|star=<colour>|fa=<featured artist>}}
  • Up to six featured artists can be added by using the parameters "fa=", "fa2=", "fa3=", "fa4=", "fa5=" and "fa6=".
  • Note that "fa2" will be ignored if "fa" is not specified, "fa3" will be ignored if "fa2" is not specified, and so on.
  • The display text of the featured artist can be changed by using the {{!}} template: |fa=Artist Name{{!}}artist name
  • For more than three featured artists, please consider using the featured parameter in {{CreditBox}} instead to avoid clutter.

Album artist:
{{Song|<album name (year)>|<song artist>|star=<colour>|albumartist=<album artist>}}
  • If the album the song appears on was released by a different artist to the one who recorded the song. Typically, this will be the case if a greatest hits compilation by a solo artist includes songs by a band he has worked with.

Additional albums:
{{Song|<album name (year)>|<artist>|star=<colour>|album2=<album name (year)>|type2=<type>}}
  • Two additional albums can be added by using "album2" and "album3" parameters. "type2/3" and "albumartist2/3" parameters are available for these additional albums as well (see above).
  • Note that "album2" will be ignored if the first album parameter is not specified, and "album3" will be ignored if "album2" is not specified.
  • To add even more albums, please use the {{Additional Albums}} template (shortcut: {{AddAlb}}). Typically, for neatness sake, once the number of albums exceeds three, the additional albums are all folded into {{AddAlb}}.

Additional text:
{{Song|<album name (year)>|<artist>|star=<colour>|...|addtext=<additional text>}}
  • Any text specified with this parameter will be added after all the other information, but before the closing period.
  • To add a space character before the additional text, you have to use a non-breaking space (&nbsp;).

Artist link display text:
  • To change the display text of the artist link, use the parameter alias.
{{Song|A Truly Western Experience (1984)|K.d. Lang|alias=k.d. lang|star=Green}}
would produce:
K.d. Lang
This song is performed by k.d. lang and appears on the album A Truly Western Experience (1984).

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  • pagetype = Song
  • artist is either alias (if present) or {{{2}}}

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