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Short description:
Request for updating the artist parameter, likely after a batch move.

Copy code for users

{{Job/Update Artist
|page = 
|oldartist1 = 
|newartist1 = 
|user = ~~~~
|note = 


{{Job/Update Artist |page = Page to work on (This parameter will be linked) |oldartist = Change this artist (This parameter will be linked) |newartist = Into this artist |user = Use ~~~~ |note = Something special we should know? |adminuser = Use ~~~~ |adminnote = Some info for other admins |done = Timestamp when the Job is fully done. Use five tildes: ~~~~~ }}

Red = Required parameter
Green = Serially numbered parameter *
Blue = Optional parameter
Black = For use by admins only

* Append the digit(s), start with 1, increase by 1 for each identically named parameter

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