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  • The general field is: Translation

This page is therefore in Category:Requests For Translation


Code Purple requires one parameter and accepts an optional second parameter

  1. requested service: i.e., Translation, Writing or Searching
  2. requested style: can be more precise than merely language, hence: Japanese, Russian, etc. but also Cyrillic, ZhongWen, etc.

Translation request involve the necessary comprehension of at least two languages. The page is written in one language and needs to be translated to another. The second language is almost always English. The requested style should not be blank.

Writing means there is Romanization work to be done. Typically, this means transcribing katakana or hiragana to Romaji or Cyrillic to English-pronunciation. This sort of work should not involve translation per se, just transcription/transliteration.

Searching refers to scouring the internet for non-English content. Most international don't have pages on the English Wikipedia, but they might on their own. The same goes to iTunes and Amazon. Sometimes, searching the internet for things in another language requires native fluency or even just familiarity.


Style\Service Translation Writing Searching
Catalan T/Cat W/Cat S/Cat
Japanese T/Jp W/Jp S/Jp

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