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This Hart's Not Made Of Stone

This song is by Television Personalities and appears on the album Closer To God (1992).

I know sometimes I'm hard
I know sometimes I'm cruel
I know sometimes I'm slow
And often act the fool
And though I think the world of you
But I can't take it all my time
I have lose control sometimes
I've got to live my life
You take me up, up, up
To the top of the sky
You bring me down again
You always bring me down again

But there's one thing you should know
This heart's not made of stone
There comes a time when you must go
A time to let your feelings shows
A time to tell the world just what you know
And sometimes I must be alone
But you know that you can telephone
I know that you are stronger than you say
But there's one thing I should know
This heart's not made of stone

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