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This Angry Silence

This song is by Television Personalities and appears on the album ...And Don't The Kids Just Love It (1981).

I hear my father shouting at my mother
In the room next door
He's always threatening to pack his bags
'Cause he can't take it anymore
And my brother's anorexic
But no one seems to care about the state he's in
And my sister's in a club, she's a barmaid in a pub
And my mother's full of gin

Can you hear this angry silence?

I spend the days on my own
Writing silly poetry

Writing poems for the girl I love
But she doesn't love me
And I'm scared to go out at night
It's not safe on the streets
And it's hard to disagree in today's society
You can't trust anyone you meet

Can you hear this angry silence?

Listen, listen, listen... this angry silence

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