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Gotta Get Ova

This song is by Teflon and appears on the album My Will (1997).

Uh, worldwide... Firing Squad
1997, bringin' it to you
The first shot up out the M.O.P. Firing Squad click

(Verse One)
Here we go on the roadways to stardom
I can see it now, lights, stages, The Garden
Hot whips, black pearls so fine
They a-ttract the world is mine, I got this
On the job and ripped up
Wreck the scales at The Source and get five mics, no problem
The first show I go to I blow
Collect my dough in stacks, my name's on the map
Now, we in the spotlight
Got hype raps, perhaps it's just in my genes to rock mics
From rags to riches, lifestyle switches
Firing Squad, worked hard for a while to get this
Now, we on a roll in full control, behold
Destiny's ours to unfold
For those I grew up with I love you, here's
Cheers to success through all our struggles

{Gotta get over!} Yeah... uh
"Show them niggaz what you into, use your potential!"
{Gotta get over!} Yeah... uh
"Show them niggaz what you into, use your potential!"

(Verse Two)
Whoever said it couldn't happen? No more cuttin' rocks
I'm fuckin' with stocks up in Manhattan
Full-fledged employer, lawyers, accountants, a mountain
My cash flows like a fountin
Me and my Family plan to be millionaires
In a couple of years, not just a fantasy
No more slingin metal now, I rap and won't settle down
Till I got both feet on level ground
We reach over the level of the streets
Keep our, minds focused, strive to be the dopest
And hope this, get me out the ghetto, hellhole
So I know I won't sell my soul to the devil
By any and all means, all dreams
And all schemes that I connect to collect more cream
Till my heart say it's quittin time
I ain't lettin nuttin stop me from gettin' mine
Kid I want it all

(Verse Three)
I'm bargin, way past the narrow margin of success
Nevertheless, T-E-F has barged in
Your bloodstream, love green money stacks
To lay back, and count stacks of papes is a thug's dream
Which way is up, I know what's up
The road to take for me to fill up my cup
Blowin' like gunpowder, out of range
Hard to keep up with, too hard to fuck with
We desire to raise the empire
Enter merge traffic, from "Blaze" to "Rapid Fire"
Ma Dukes said sky's the limit, don't be timid
If you don't get in it, you won't win it
So ain't no stoppin' us now
We advancin from projects to high-tech lifestyles and mansions
Expansion, throughout the nations
Hemisphere 'cause we in this here game for the duration

(Ad libs to end)

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