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This song is by Teen Idols and appears on the album Pucker Up! (1999).

There are times when a loving parent
Can spoil their child with earthly things
A heartfelt gift of a mom's endearment
Placed at the feet of her little king

But the king, in a tantrum
Demands more for his enter sanctum
And he, by his highness
Makes his request with little shyness
A man is the sum of what's he's done
Not that which he has owned

And his friends will grow from toil
And from the seeds that he's sown
But his friends will fall away
If he's got self intent
And alone he'll rule a thrown
With no empowerment

Forever a skinflynt

In a lifelong scheme of obtaining more
And more and more he's lost one thing
You must give some to take a little
Or a stench of greed is all you'll bring

And the stench is an odor
That can't be cleansed from a greed promoter
And married, a reputation of self-indulgent infatuation

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