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This song is by Teen Idols.

Everyday I sit and stare
And guess the color of your underwear
But you don't even notice me
I think I need you hopelessly

Sometimes when you're lost in thought
I dream you think it's me you want
But then I know I'm just a fool
'Cause you're the hottest girl in school

Someday soon I'll say hello and you will smile
Then you'll know me for who I am
We'll talk awhile, we'll talk awhile

I am just your shadowman
But I'm doing the best I can
Seems you don't just give a damn
About this lonely shadowman
Please look back and know we can
Kiss and hold each other's hand
Why can't you just understand
I'm better than a shadowman

Touched you once as you passed by
Thinking of your other guy
I raised my hand to touch your hair
But you didn't even notice that I was standing there

When I lie in bed at night
After turning out the light
I wonder what you're doing now
And if you're keeping up your vows

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