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Our Love Is Like A Song

This song is by Teen Idols.

I started out to find my dream
' gave it all
But nothing worked 'til i found you
I knew i had to take the chance
And make the call
Sometimes you got to follow through
NOw as i'm standing here
Lookin at you tonight
I just know deep down inside
that i was right

Our love is like a song
Now we can sing together
SOmetimes we get it wrong
It really doesn't matter
'Coz nothing else so true
as the melody in you
Just knowing that you're there
Just knowing we belong
Our love is like a song

Tell me is it love I feel
Coz baby this is so unreal
Tonight is changing everything
WE're walking through the shades of grey
til i turn tonight today(?)
This love is changing everything
Now as i'm standing here
Looking at you tonight
I just know deep down inside
That i was right

Our love is Like a song...
We sing it over and over
Coz that's the way it goes
The highs and lows
The perfect harmony
THe perfect harmony
For life
Our love is like a song...

our love is like a song.

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