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How Long

This song is by Teen Idols and appears on the album Full Leather Jacket (2000).

How long, how long, how long,
How long, please tell me, how long
'Til you tell me that he's gone, how long

Too many time I have seen your cryin' eyes
While you're standing there with him
As your future's growing dim

You're afraid,
Though you're trying to be strong
It's a challenge to be brave

When he's oblivious to the pain
And it won't be very long
'Til you crumble from the strain
(It's wrong)

Indications on your arm
Tell the story of the harm
Of your father's power trip
All your bruises fit his grip

It's a crime
But you think that it's all your fault
'Cause it happens all the time

"You're an idiot", "Be a man"
Now you wanna shut his mouth
Feel the shotgun in your hand
(You can)

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