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Forever in My Dreams

This song is by Teen Idols and appears on the album Full Leather Jacket (2000).

I can't forget that night
Or the argument that made you run away
I thought you'd come back soon
But soon became a year and seven days

I stood there petrified
As they dragged your car
Out of laurel lake
The overwhelming guilt
That it's all my fault
Was all my heart could take

At night you always seem so near
It sometimes feels like you're still here

Your voice will never fade away
Forever in my dreams
I know you're always gonna stay
Forver in my dreams
You're always young, with wings to fly
Forever in my dreams
One place I know you'll never die
Forever in my dreams

I hear your footsteps walking
Around the room where our time was spent
I hope you know I miss you
I need to tell you how much that you meant

Today I'll drive to roselawan
Hang my head and put flowers on your grave
Why did we always aruge?
It's not the way that brothers should behave

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