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Camera Shy

This song is by Teen Idols and appears on the album Full Leather Jacket (2000).

So well composed
You seem like absolute perfection
Much to perfect for a boy
Who is used to big rejection, so I

I watch you through a lens
Just slightly out of focus
You're so flawless in your smile
Although you never seem to notice and I

I never really thought that you'd be mine
Not in my dreams for a minute
I never really thought that you'd be mine
I'm tellin' myself to forget it
You wouldn't understand that you
Inspire me and fuel my photography
I never really thought that you'd be mine
I know that I'm just a dreamer (but)

You never really know when worlds collide
It could create something special
Or maybe we would just all explode and die
I guess I'm just too camera shy

Alone in my darkroom
I hang pictures that are drying
All the pictures are of you
And it's hard to keep from crying when I
I only see you through a
Lens that's telescopic
And you don't know that I'm there
But you're still my only topic and I

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