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Big Girl Now

This song is by Teen Idols and appears on the album Pucker Up! (1999).

It's time to put down your easy bake oven
And all your other little girl things
Big girls don't play with toys
At least that's what it says in this magazine

She can't say why
She's ready to try and become what she sees around her
Now maturity has found her
All the big kids say
Girl you need to change your ways
And she finds that ok, she's a big girl now

Confusion rules a little girl's mind
When she tries to do those older girl things
Big girls make it look so easy
To catch the boys that always tease

She'll get hers some day
If only she can find her way
But she's got no time today
She's a big girl now

Rejection makes her feel so sad
Just like a little girl inside
She'll put on her big girl make-up
But it just accents the tears she can't hide

She can't say why
She wanted to trader her precious little girl dimples
For PMS, cigarettes, and pimples
She's searching for a way to be little girl someday
But she can't find a way
Because she's a big girl now

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