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This song is by Teen Idols and appears on the album Full Leather Jacket (2000).

Issues of the day
Have become the latest craze
Propaganda wastes your time
And warps your mind
Tell me what you'll find

When you investigate
Intimidate, eliminate your friends
For refusing to walk your narrow line
How could you be so blind

So critical, analytical
You're selling but I'm not buying
Just put your point of view aside
And we'll get along just fine
I'm not biblical, or political
You judgement of me ain't flying
This bandwagon's full of hypocrites
And I'm not going along for the ride

The movement of your cause
Only builds up higher walls
Between the converted and the lost
A social albatross

It's down to one on one
You've just begu to come undone
Without your bland rhetorical blurbs
You're naked and absurd

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