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Teddy Thompson (2000)Edit

Teddy Thompson - Teddy Thompson

Teddy Thompson

  1. Wake Up
  2. Love Her For That
  3. Brink of Love
  4. So Easy
  5. All I See
  6. All We Said
  7. A Step Behind
  8. Missing Children
  9. Thanks a Lot
  10. Days in the Park

L.A. (2001)Edit

Teddy Thompson - L.A.


  1. On My Way
  2. Almost Famous
  3. Shine So Bright
  4. Sorry to See Me Go
  5. L.A.

Blunderbuss (2004)Edit

Teddy Thompson - Blunderbuss


  1. Up with Love
  2. Turning the Gun on Myself
  3. In the Studio Yo!
  4. Bon Jovi Said
  5. Blunderbuss
  6. Whatever You Become

Separate Ways (2005)Edit

Teddy Thompson - Separate Ways

Separate Ways

  1. Shine So Bright
  2. I Should Get Up
  3. Everybody Move It
  4. I Wish It Was Over
  5. Separate Ways
  6. Sorry To See Me Go
  7. Altered State
  8. Think Again
  9. That's Enough Out Of You
  10. No Way To Be
  11. You Made It
  12. Frontlines
  13. Take A Message To Mary

Upfront & Down Low (2007)Edit

Teddy Thompson - Upfront & Down Low

Upfront & Down Low

  1. Change of Heart
  2. Touching Home
  3. Walking the Floor Over You
  4. (From Now On All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers
  5. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
  6. My Heart Echoes
  7. The Worst is Yet to Come
  8. My Blue Tears
  9. Down Low
  10. You Finally Said Something Good (When You Said Goodbye)
  11. She Thinks I Still Care
  12. Let's Think About Living

A Piece Of What You Need (2008)Edit

Teddy Thompson - A Piece Of What You Need

A Piece Of What You Need

  1. The Things I Do
  2. What's This?!!
  3. In My Arms
  4. Where to Go From Here
  5. Don't Know What I Was Thinking
  6. Can't Sing Straight
  7. Slippery Slope
  8. Jonathan's Book
  9. One of These Days
  10. Turning the Gun on Myself
  11. A Piece of What You Need

Bella (2011)Edit

Teddy Thompson - Bella


  1. Looking for a Girl
  2. Delilah
  3. I Feel
  4. Over and Over
  5. Take Me Back Again
  6. Tell Me What You Want
  7. Home
  8. The Next One
  9. Take Care of Yourself
  10. The One I Can't Have
  11. Gotta Have Someone

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Other SongsEdit

  1. (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers
  2. I Wonder If I Care As Much
  3. King Of The Road
  4. My Worst Is Yet To Come
  5. Persuasion
  6. Psycho

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