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This song is by Teddy Geiger and appears on the album Underage Thinking (2006).

I'm walking on clouds now
And the sky is falling on down
I don't wanna wake up if I'm dreaming
Don't think I'll ever get out of my bed
And every moment brings a surprise
And my eyes won't open
I feel something's different
I'm growing out of my skin

Goodbye my fears
I feel that we have parted
The possibilities keep walking in on me
It feels so strange, I guess that's change
It's all right
The possibilities keep walking in on me

I always said that I needed a girl
One to hold and who I'd give the world
Well that's all right
But it's so hard to decide, yeah
Sometimes I find pictures of me left behind
Things in life happen twice, the first is in my mind

Sometimes I can't (3x)
See what's right in front of my eyes
Sometimes I can't (3x)
Believe that I believe

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