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On Ten

This song is by Tedashii and appears on the album Below Paradise (2014).

Verse 1 - Tedashii:
Whoop, we be rollin' no splits, we ridin'
You ain't seen it like this, we glidin'
Whips in a wave slow, we slidin'
Yeah we bout to start a riot
Silent, yeah workin' like it's a niner
Fightin', workin' with my usos from the island
Hopin' nobody will pick today to have a problem
Yeah we out here in the IE, prowlin'
Then they cone us like my lane broken
Movin' with me to this man and they ain't even know me
That don't matter, my name be empty chatter
We can kick it and chop it, bout to master, no last dragon
Whoot, oh well, we ain't takin' no L's
Feelin' spiffy, I ain't trippy, see the prize, Nobel
Show love in the West, with my blood in the West
With my gang, I ain't bang, we unashamed in the West (West sideee)

Chorus - Tedashii:
He on one, she on two
Me, I'm on my P's and Q's
'Cause we be on ten, say what
We on ten, say what
We on ten, say what
We on ten, from the end, we on ten, say what
We on ten, say what
Every time they see the clique they know what they bout to get

Verse 2 - Derek Minor:
Now I be drummin' down your block and it ain't even Christmas
Duh duh-duh duh duh, duh duh-duh duh duh
Snatch the mic like Ye, wait I'mma let you finish
Dun dun-dun dun dun, dun dun-dun dun dun
Screamin' now who that, say they wanna do that
One-One-Six the team, but you already knew that
I used to be violent and whoop you Ah-bloo-bleh!
And now I'm like oh, why they do that
Going mago de, uno uno seis
I'm an 808, heavy like sumo weight
Nashville representin' and I'm high on grace
So when I say I'm on ten, that ain't just my state
Y'all gonna have to have a whole lot of hate
I mean a whole lot of hate, just to rain on our day
'Cause we workin' with a whole lot of grace
And a whole lot of homies out here be yellin' unashamed

Verse 3 - Transparent:
Ya boy live from the Golden State
On ten, in the wind cross the Golden Gate
With the homie from the Lone Star
Bangin' the name of the King that reigns, the lone star
And I'm thinkin' that we need to start a riot
You don't agree to sit back and be quiet
'Cause I'm tempted to mirror that
Especially when I think about the cross on His back
A million unashamed, it is not a day to scatter from
From your bell is an heir, far from a lame in his thing
See, regardless of my situation, I'm still gonna chase Him
Builds high, money low, still put Him on blast every where I go
So until my time is done, I'mma stay on eleven minus one
(West sideee) Do the math

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