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Love Never Leaves

This song is by Tedashii and appears on the album Below Paradise (2014).

Hook - Natalie Lauren:
Love it never leaves
Love it never
Love it never leaves
I know love don't feel that same way it use to
Strangers in the same bed I know you're
Questioning about 'cause I know this
It's all on your face
And lately lately we've been so distant
Baby I wish things could be different
I won't stop searching for what we're missin'
So don't walk away
Cause love it never leaves
Love it never leaves
Love it never leaves
Love it never leaves
Oh no no

Uh, yeah, tell her I'll be working late
Frustrated sometimes at how we're communicating
Trying to make it like it was when we were kids
Simple, but it's difficult, and we're just trying to live
Trying to make it
She say that she can't take it
Growing up by the minute, in an hour she won't feel it
Is this the end, and is it finished?
Can't we make it work?
All these romance and love songs, she seem to make it worse!
Empty gestures, to try and bring back our yester
Day, week, month, year, baby, are you still here?
Please, I know that this is not what you expected
In your picture perfect image, you're imagining reflected
I accept it, I mistakes with your heart
I was gone, you were distant, guess that's how we grow apart!
But I want you, no, I need you, and I mean that!
I don't wanna lose you, I hope you see that!

Is it one of those days? 'cause I feel fed up!
Feel like you're sucking your ways, and you won't let up!
Question, like persecution, no retribution
Enough is enough, and I don't know what I'm doing!
Got the weight of the world on me, can you help me out?
Don't add to the low, please, I'm really stressing out!
Thinking the grass is greener when you're single
Sick and tired of arguing, so I change my demeanor
She wants to talk, I say we do!
She says that we're not friends, and I just say it's you!
We feel like strangers, but what's stranger is this feeling!
Love never leaves, if it's true, I hope it soon makes an appearance!

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