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This song is by Tedashii and appears on the album Below Paradise (2014).

(Intro: Dimitri McDowell)
All I feel is
All I feel is

(Verse 1: Tedashii)
Ever seen a light dark (nope)
You ever seen that truth fail (nope)
You ever seen my God fail
Well how 'bout it, I doubt it
There's no way
He stay the same
Do the math, He won't ever change
Constant, this stopping
That's nonsense like no spare change
He's too good, yeah the best I know
So we holdin' on and ain't lettin' go
What you expect from all these folk
That's why we say this place is about to blow
We packed in to get back in
Guarantee you'll get the same reaction
When you mix His love with all His grace
Guarantee we get to spazzin'

(Hook: Dimitri McDowell)
I bet you never thought before
We can bring back
Earthquakes in here
Now that I found
The beauty in this
All I feel is, earthquakes in here [x4]
We about to blow up, so what?

(Verse 2: Tedashii)
You can have that
[?] From His life, I'ma fall back
Cheap imitation, what I call that
Love for junk, my only drawback
And I got that, I know that
Only light this bright can show that
I'll go there
Expose that
Ain't no way that I'm tryna blow that
So I blow up the spot
Let 'em know what I got
All this gets me close to the God
So no matter my problems
[?] And dyin'
You tell 'em I'm all in until I drop
Yeah, you know that
He's there for me so I hold back
I'ma give Him everything since He's broken every chain
Free so I'm gonna be a [?] on the island like...

(Verse 3: KB)
K to the second letter
They don't really do it like this no more
Got a hundred cats with me and they just won't fold (hundred cats with me)
Glory on it cause He rose
I call it Mick Jagger third day he's Rolling stones
Do it for the vine, nah I ain't gonna do it
Do it for the vine, nah I ain't gonna do it
But I do it for the vine
Branches of Yeshua
With the fans in the stands
Hands up and down, movin'
With the branch so we stand
Dancin' we not coolin'
For the Lamb, we advance
And to our God rulin'
Man our stance is
The man stance is to go stupid
Ay when we show up, blow up

(Outro: Dimiti McDowell)
All I feel is
Earthquakes in here
We about to blow up, so what?

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