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Treble in Trouble

This song is by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and appears on the EP Treble in Trouble (2000).

Hey, you're in trouble, friend.
Borrowing time 'til you get hurt again.
How many times you gave blood --
that many times you gave up
trying to stretch your check-book
'til month's end.

It's my mind to walk this line,
banking on the fact that I'll be fine.
But I got a friend who's systems fail
and if she can't even afford that cocktail,
the treble down there's creeping up behind

'Cause when the C.D.C. spreads fear, who'll ease the trouble down there?
And when the N.I.H. runs scared, who'll ease the trouble down there?
And when the A.M.A. don't care,who'll ease the trouble down there?

Oh you're in trouble
Trouble! Trouble!

Written by:

Ted Leo

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