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Dial Up

This song is by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and appears on the album The Tyranny of Distance (2001).

Pack up what you own and you dial up who you can phone
And you save up all your pennies
And we hope, but oh, is there any?
And we wonder oh, how can he put you out tonight?

Go back in your mind twenty years in time
And we'll go walking through your garden
See the trees you planted in your yard then
All your work, it didn't seem so hard then, but it's hard tonight

Five years further on, from the stage it looked like we'd won
But how many of those who heard you play
Have gone their insouciant ways?
And the streets run bloody to this day and to your house tonight

And we, still so touched, can we offer you that much?
More than those who you fought and who've left you with naught?
And who lied to you, they've lied to you
They've lied to you, lied to you, lied to you, lied to you, but this you always knew

So pack up your bulls and smalls and we'll tack up your paintings on our walls
And we'll write down all our songs then
And we'll right up all our wrongs then
And we'll tear up the streets a million strong then in your name tonight

Written by:

Ted Leo

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