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​Reservation Blues

This song is by Technohead.

Wanted to be here 20 years ago

Realised I couldn't make it alone

Selected all the people that I wanna be near

Watched in horror as they disappeared

Hey hey Moses! What do you know? Your only aid is the people you know

Hey Rhiannon! I'm glad you're alive- you're our community and we need to thrive

Way up on the prairie met a native man

He took our community and we took his land

We gave them Winnebagos out on the plain

Reservation blues are always the same

Peace in the valley the valley above

Peace in the valley the valley of love

Fire on the hillside and blood on our hands

Smoke in our jackets, we fire on command

So cut negotiations and head into town-

There'll be a massacre in Newfoundland!

Virtue is the veil that we've had all along

They can't speak English :. they must be wrong!