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​Paranoia Feedback

This song is by Technohead.

I say nothing when I say it loud but I'm happy when I'm under your cloud

Sometimes it's better when I'm on my own, sometimes it's better that I don't go home

I try forgetting and I try to be pure but it just makes me want you more

I try to say "What's wrong with myself"? 'cause gnawing paranoia is bad for your health

I get the paranoia feedback when I'm with you

I could be happy for an hour or two

But I got stuck here it's why I stayed

I cannot help the way I was made

I tell you things that my friends don't know, I show emotions thought I'd never show

I love your heart and I love your hair- I'd love you more if you were ever there

When we're together you make me fizz! Our love's ephermal but then everything is

My only fear is becoming mundane: it warps my mind it would make me insane

You warp my mind you warp my mind

You want my mind you warp my mind

My emotions are never contrived, I would be happy if you recognised

I know everything you tell me is true- I just get miserable 'cause I love you

I have explained what gets me vexed! It seems forever till I see you next!

There's optimism at the end of the verse- I have a friend who is even worse