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Memories Of The Mirage

This song is by Technohead.

Sitting here waiting for the dark

Hoping that my love will embark

She's my girl she's my lover she will always give me cover when I need it

Standing here just out of reach

Looking for the Ebony Beach

I know it drove me crazy but my memories are hazy so I'll leave it

But I don't know if I can say what I mean

I don't know if I can fulfill my dreams

And I like the taste of a nice tangerine

I'm surrounded by whores but I'm being straightforward and I mean it

Sleeping in a dusty hall

Waiting for the Virgin to call

Think I could scream that if it's a dream it's a good one

Going for a nightly run

Thinking what needs to be done

Thinking of school and the apathetic fools when I stopped them

Watching them fade to black

Hoping that they don't come back

She laughed at my dreams and low self-esteem's what I don't need

Nothing is out of my reach

For I have found the ebony beach

And I sampled a part for this is the start of a new breed

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