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​Key And Bike

This song is by Technohead.

I heard what you're saying on the way up to Fife

And that was "Chances are there's skeletons in everyone's life"

Although I listened I will still disagree

'Cause you're as stupid as Shania Twain who sold out for free

It would be better for me if I could take the key

And I could see what it's like given the key and bike

It could be better for me if I gave you the key

And I could know what it's like without the key and bike

I heard what you were saying sat in Tunbridge Wells

And that is "I've got my life to lead I guess you have as well

We need to find ourselves- we're lost in snafu"

And I said "You're in love and so am I just not with you"

Life's so much better for me now that you have the key

And you can do what you like given the key and bike

Get back with me and you can have the key

And we will see what it's like with both the key and bike