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This song is by Technohead.

I need to learn my own psychology

But it doesn't make it better when she's messing with me

The studs came down and she was drinking their shots

Take a good look at what you've dropped

I'm in the mood for some, mood for some, mood for repetition

But she changes so much that I'm deconditioned

Glancing through life when my thoughts are scattered

Maybe I'd just like to think that I mattered

Nights on her own or with other people

Nights with her own all those lovely people

Look at the town all the empty people

Look at the sea and all the drowning people

I have 80 minutes and they don't pass fast

Time is slow when you're the worst in the class

And it's dark round here and I feel so sound

Why look up when you feel so down?

She says she's joined a band but it's one that I'm in

Pathways are clear for a lifetime of sin

Cohesion is vague and the end unclear

Countdown to breakdown is drawing near

The only ever things that drive me away

Are the things people do and the things that they say

And the smell of the city leaves me sick

Conditions are fine for a lunatic

I remember things weren't always the same

But when I used to care I got a bad name

It leaves me searching for atmosphere

'Cause mediocrity is something I fear

And she dances with me in the depths of night

She glitters like the stars shining in twilight

In the dark she's fine but in the dawn she flips

That's why I wait for an eclipse

And I want to talk but I get no advice

The fragments of my feelings in the pale moonlight

I continue to burn she continues to glow

And a stream of conversation becomes a flow...