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Album by Tech N9ne.
  1. Planet Rock 2K (Down South Mix)
  2. Cloudy-Eyed Stroll (Remix)
  3. Flipside (Rough Version)
  4. Mizzizy Gets Bizzy (featuring Don Juan)
  5. On Our Way to L.A. (featuring Don Juan)
  6. Spend the Night (featuring Paul Law and Rock Money)
  7. Clueless (featuring Larone Burnette and Solè)
  8. Questions (Rough Draft)
  9. Now It's On (featuring Lejo)
  10. Bitch Sickness (featuring Phats Bossi and Rame Royal)
  11. Soldiers at War (featuring Big Scoob, Don Juan, L.V. and Short Nitty)
  12. Cotton Soldier
  13. Relish
  14. Mitchell Bade (Interlude)
  15. Mitchell Bade (featuring Bakarii)

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