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Party The Pain Away

This song is by Tech N9ne and appears on the album Something Else (2013).

If you can't dance, this the maint'nance

(Hook: Liz Suwandi)
I need release from this frantic mind
I've got the cure, I know you've got mine
So go ahead and pour me more wine
We've got all night, we can make it right
(Let's party the pain away)

(Tech N9ne)
Whenever problems show up
Man I really wanna blow up, drinkin' till I throw up
And tonight I'm havin' mo' luck
Couple bad bitches rolled up, to puff a little dough up
And they givin' us the dame thang
Puffin, drinkin', than we bang-bang
Knock it out the frame, mane
Caught a couple mo' dame-dames
Than my homies with the cane came
Now we got a Strange thang
Yeah... y'all do, I don't (what's that, Tech?)
Turn down something I won't
I'm a... grinch when I'm yearning it
Get so hot up in the spot, I think I'm partying at Burning Man
I deal with the real, when I feel
But tonight I'm takin' Bou Lou to the grill
I'll be damned, if it ain't a day, I kick it and can't obey
When life is heavy we uh... party the pain away

(Tech N9ne)
I be off in Australia
Where the ladies really didgeridoo it if they smell ya
Aboriginal's will tell ya
That they rollin' hella deep, and if you trippin' it's a failure
When I'm off in California
Molly got me so dehydrated, smell ammonia
I be feelin' like a donor
Not blood, but the other stuff
Cause the women bone ya
When the real life's on my case
A woman waits, to sit on my face
In Missouri, it's all on my state
When I'm home, yes I keep a heapin' on my plate
I'm in a dark party, with a red light
'Bout to be another "take it to the head" night
Whether you're drinkin', or you're smokin', or the med type
Partyin' the pain away, don't even got your bread right

If you can't dance, this the maint'nance
Let's party the pain away

(Tech N9ne)
If you're stressin', I feel ya
If I'm off up in your city, come and party with the Milla
20 shots of tequila
This'll make a little money so I'm gonna pay the billa
If she lookin' don't be jello
Get your woman, take her picture with me 'cause I'm hella mello
If you're tough and wanna yell though
She'll be leavin' with the crew
And I'mma stick her like some velcro
We the party people, night and day (what)
Livin' crazy is the only way, got a...
Party persona, fuck the pain and come and kick it
Are you smelling my aroma?
When things get bad, get trashed
That's my advice on yo bitch ass
Faded like you think I am
On the brink, of a drink, and the drink got slammed

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