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Album by Tech N9ne.
  1. Kansas City Shuffle (Intro)
  2. Midwest Choppers (featuring D-Loc, Dalima and Krizz Kaliko)
  3. Misery (featuring The Journalist and Yukmouth)
  4. That Box (featuring Greed, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun and Skatterman & Snug Brim)
  5. Gangsta Shap (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  6. Sex Out South (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun)
  7. Get Ya Head Right (featuring Money Hungry and Snug Brim)
  8. Fan Or Foe (featuring Krizz Kaliko and T-Nutty)
  9. Girl Crazy "Crazy Love" (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  10. 2 Piece (featuring Big Scoob, Joe Vertigo and Krizz Kaliko)
  11. Big Scoob (featuring Big Scoob)
  12. Yeah Ya Can (featuring Krizz Kaliko and Shadow)
  13. I Can Feel It (featuring Agginy and The Philsta)
  14. Karma (Skit)
  15. You Don't Want It (featuring Krizz Kaliko, Mr. Reece and Prozak)
  16. Message To The Black Man
  17. The P.A.S.E.O. (The Poem Aaron Saw Extra Ordinary)

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