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Under An Ancient Oak

This song is by Tears of Mankind and appears on the album Silent Veil of My Doom (2008).

At the mysterious river, in a sleeping wood,
In a dark grove there is an ancient and sad oak
There, the covered foliage, the tomb has settled down
In it the most secret desires covered with ashes of time

In fine light of the wood, painted by gloomy tones
Its silhouette flickers blue sparks - they so are beautiful and sad
She looks at me an illusive sight, she calls me, she calls me
Its hair cry on a wind, twisting me immersing in deep dream

I shall have a drink you to the bottom, I shall enjoy this marvellous taste
Sweet lips touch me - give me this last kiss, keeping away and keeping away from me
Delightful sufferings of carnal love will carry away us in nonexistence
Learn my flesh, having plunged completely in oblivion of my caress

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