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On Ruins Of Our Love

This song is by Tears of Mankind and appears on the album Silent Veil of My Doom (2008).

On open spaces of darkness, being frightened of light
The lonely figure goes, faltering and falling
Tearing off legs in blood and only one wishing
To find rest, to go to the distant seas
The dry lips which were found out thousand of kisses
Silently say words - bitterness, a pain, a wild cry
The flight of black ravens will cover a tired body
Having pecked up without the rest the broken soul

Why you left from me, in these dreams?
You were here and have turned back a shadow
Having broken all desires, having destroyed all hopes
You have gone to emptiness through the dark river
Burning hands you break off me on a part
Tender words you heat my soul
On ruins of our love we shall erect a symbol
Sad tree, the lonely guard
One tear having spinkled dead ground
Young, green leaves it will blossom again

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