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​For Every Lonely Lady

This song is by Tea Leaf Green.

For every lonely lady there's a man that's just her type
That's gonna love her in the mornin' after he loves her through the night
But not all of us are lucky, no not all of us are blessed
The world is filled with failures that tried to do their lovin' best
And for every desert flower there's a dozen cactus spines / spikes
And for every idle hour there's a true love left behind

And all of us are children, no not all of us are young
Some of us are foolish and some are just plain / playing dumb
Even if you are a great beauty, that is no guarantee
A fish may love a birdie but he still won't climb that tree
Oh there is no easy answer, there's no one way to get by
You may spend your life through Jesus or you may waste it drinking his wine

Oh we've got to learn our lessons, yeah we've got to lead our lives
You may be tempted by the devil or you may always do what's right
And they say the soul is immortal, and our father's in the sky
And He herds us like a shepherd into His paradise
And if that's what makes you happy, it doesn't matter if it's true
But I don't need no here nor after, I've got my paradise right here with you!

I wrap my lyric on the landscape, I sing my song beneath the sun
My true love's waiting at the end of the road I'm walking on.