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Way Of Live

This song is by Tea For Two and appears on the album Dream Or Reality (1993).

(S. Weber/M. Schumpelt/J.O. Soerup)
11.45 PM
I knew from the start that she would never succeed...
The first day I came, walking down the old streets
Unwilling faces still staring at me - what an odd sight!
She climbed up the stairs, trying to hide her sad face
I felt obliged to help her and the clock strikes the quarter
Her answer was:
'Yes! I'll try once more, imagine those who stand alone
I hurry up in order to catch their defeat
Since I got no replay, why don't you come in ?'
She complained without a course and I took a glance at the headlines
Her hands were trembling but then she told me the truth
Her ashes were scattered over the seas
Until this day I don't know, what really happened to me
There is not much time left, I'm tired
Besides I don't want to see that play again and again
There is no doubt - a decision will soon be made, maybe tonight
I'm afraid to go my way but desease found it's way to me ...
Things to come
I still hear your voice inside my head and I'm dying to know where you
My blood starts to get hot and cold
When I remember the first time you looked into my eyes
All the nights we spent together in all the dreams blew up my mind
I had to hide my desire, now after all that lying, I watch it dying
And now I've got the real thing here, don't ever leave me!
Yes, I've got the real thing here, no sign or warning
You sang about the time to leave and somehow I thought it would never
As if by magic I was to exchange glances just standing and listening
Devoured with a jealousy passion, I've been longing for you're love - a
But in the end I stood alone - why did you go?
And now I've got the right one here, things to come
Yes, I've got the real thing here, things are to come
Challenging ideas, lights are dimmed freeze, by surprise I face
Relentlessly I guess, cocktails ditch my fears, take a look, I will get
This charming girl right now
And I need to hold you in my lovin'arms, ooh I swear, from time to time
I hold my breath I'd like to taste your lips
Only one embrace boiled up my blood, ooh pushin' pushin' ...
I swear to keep the lust inside my flustered head - ooh I swear, from
Time to time too late
I changed my mind, I'd like to taste your flesh and sweat
And I still hear your voice inside my head, I am dying to know where you
My blood is getting hot and cold when I remember the way you looked into
My eyes
All the nights that I missed you all the dreams blew up my mind
I had to hide my desires, now after all that lying, just watch me dying
Ooh, I had the right one here, Things were to come, my love
Yes, I had the real thing here deep inside my heart
Do you feel the cold slowly creeping up your neck, can you hear the
Voices, the damned are crying to get back, don't you see the colours
Changing, you find them all around
Do you see the warnings, don't you see the writings on the wall
Just a dream or reality
The night has come, where are stars in this cold dark sky
Try to look at me, try to fulfill the prophecy
The moon shines bright tonight seems he's grinning right at me
But who's to know if it's a dream or reality - is it a dream or reality
I'm on the run gonna take it all, never surrender myself to my enemies
This is the night they came to sacrifice another lamb
Try to look at yourself! there's a treatment in store for you
But who is to know if it's a dream or reality
Is it a dream or reality?

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