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​Remember Jermaine

This song is by Tea For Two and appears on the album Dream Or Reality (1993).

(S. Weber/M. Schumpelt/J.O. Soerup)
Resting in the middle of nowhere, wondering how to begin
I am lost between visions of yesterday, between now and them
I'm getting back to where I started, I know that I'm alone again
Back where I started, remember Jermaine
I won't cry in case you hurt me
I won't smile in case you're leaving me
Where is our tomorrow, where are the good times we had
Tell me'bout the truth, oh, please remember Jermaine
I'm standing in the middle of nowhere
Wondering how should I begin
Lost between wishes of yesterday- between now and then
I'm getting back to where I started
For now I'm alone again
Back to where I started, oh remember Jermaine
Can't you see those bloody teardrops
Can't you see the people getting drowned
Can't you see me restraining my tears
It is like falling down -
Can't you give, can't you believe, can't you just go away
I won't cry in case you hurt me
I won't smile in case you're leaving me
Yes, I know that I wouldn't fall, oh, I'd like to go on
Won't you still remember, can you remember
The words you told me and the things we did
The things we laughed about, it could be real
Have I told you any lie, can you still remember Jermaine
I won't cry, I won't smile, I will just believe in you
Remember Jermaine
Well, I said I'll always believe in you, well, I said I'll always trust
Can't you understand that I have to go my way - oh, please remember