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This song is by Tea For Two and appears on the live album Snapshots (1996) and on the album 101 (2001).

(S. Weber/M. Schumpelt/J.O. Soerup)
Lying in the sun's just a nice occupation
I'm lying lazily on a lown
Enjoining the warmth and amazing sounds
Somewhere there with sensual intention
I wish the earth would open and swallow me up
I'm getting lost in the warm, moist ground
More and more I'm sinking deeper
Sun and air are far away
But there's no need for looking or breathing
More and more, I'm sinking deeper and deeper
The lark's warble, the streams babble, bees humming
A couple's chattering, all die away with every inch
No roots, no worms, no need for my clothes
And to get rid of them needs only one thought
More and more, it's getting colder
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
I can no longer tarry here
I'm leaving my body, a new way to reach an unknown attraction
Somewhere there in the dephts

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