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You Bite You Die Outro

This song is by Tattoo Ink.

Venemous I am, until death from the West
Will blow on those motherfucking wack MC's
Riding on the dicks of these oldie beats
Punk ass suckers just don't know the technique
See it's simple, apply the nine to your temple
Hold it real stable and don't get sentimental
Sorry ass rappers, right now you break
You got bitten by a venomous snake

(Detour 5150)
Ah, I got bit
By a fucking snake, oh shit
I'm gonna die
They're fucking everywhere
Ah, oh fuck I can't feel my legs
Someone call the, someone call the LAPD
I don't want control, somebody help
I don't wanna fucking die
Shit, I should've never fucked with the Ink

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