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A Werewolf In The Night

This song is by Tatiana.

Stop and catch your breath, count from one to ten
Then keep running cause you known he's right behind.
He looks like a man, he also talks like a man
At night riding his bike, he turns into something else.

I fear him so so much
You wish not to know, he's from a long time ago
Always beware at night
It's too much to risk, he'll break your heart, the moon is full and bright.

A Werewolf in the night (4x)

Get into your car, raise it over fifty five
Plead and hope that he won't listen to your heart beat so fast.
You like him anyway, insisting he wants to say
Don't stare into his eyes or you'll be lost in love.

Now it's too late to act
You ran and he has grabbed you by the waist
He throw a spell on you
Don't look at his eyes, beware and run, tonight you'll be his prey.

A Werewolf in the night (4x)

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