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This song is by Tasha Baxter and appears on the single Bikes (2011).

Do you remember?
How it used to be
Before you moved mountains and cities,
When you were living next door to me.
We'd play hide and seek,
But I always wanted to be found.
You'd call me silly names,
But I welcomed your childish ways.

We were, king and queen.
We made the rules
We lived our dreams
We were, completely free
Riding our bikes to the end of the street

Closing my eyes
Holding on tight
Not looking left

And not looking right
Risking our lives
Running red lights,
Young hearts taking to flight.

Do you remember?
The smell of the air,
When we were none the wiser
Too in love to care.
We'd be out all night,
Illuminated by the moon.
Our bare skin, brushing the wind
City lights in black and white.

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