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This song is by Tarsha Vega and appears on the album Diamonds and Monsters (2000).

Who's that on my answering machine
Leaving me a message freak my dreams?
Got my number from a friend at a magazine
X friend now all my calls they get screened

Yo I'm over minor leagues, now I'm up in the game
For a fee of two G's trademark my name
Leroy, I be the mellow never front on the fame
But there's a hole in yo brain a gap a synapse

In my synopsis it started with two struggling rappers
There was you the unemployed, I freaked commercials as an actor
Tryin' to make moves but you was all about yo mouth
You got gassed up by ya moms, ayyo, I had to break out

Ya laughed I held you back, heard you whisper what I lack
But when you two faced your rep gets smoked like stems of crack
You better run from me homey
Ya heard Leroy said, "What's the matter wit you boy?"

Leroy, Leroy, what are you doin'?"

Like Lauryn Hill say music is supposed to inspire
I signed with RCA peace to Seymour at Sire
Ya quick ta brag about ya wack MC battles in Long Island
Who ya sign with Leroy the phone goes silent

You didn't call me when you was dissin' my demo
You didn't call me when you was coolin' in the limo of my
Favorite rapper damn you had a crush on him
Leroy, ya just a greedy groupie male groupies ain't in

So I think that Tarsha Vega need the caller ID
Ya bugga boo ya buggin' me don't take it personally
I flee from those who do the shifty
Bag 'em in the Hefty with the cinch sack you yap

I snap ya back like Richard Pryor
You a big mouth and I'm the orthodontist with the pliers
And the wires in a crossword puzzle
The L in Leroy connects with Liar, Leroy, you got a loose screw

Leroy, Leroy, what are you doin'?

Verbs scribin' Leroy always end up bein' wasted
'Cause Leroy ain't creative verbal weapons ain't abrasive
Style be calculated like spread sheets on computers
He be standin' on line at the local rap recruiters

You be all that you can be me I'm Tarsha V
From the Boogie Down like KRS from BDP
Leroy, you oughta call 'em up he A&R at Reprise
Here the phone go beep

Dancehall vox, Mr. Telephone man
There's something wrong wit cho line
When I dial up Tarsha Vega
Me gets a click click every time

Leroy, Leroy, what are you doin'?

Written by:

Hollander Samuel; Schommer David Andrew; Vega Tarsha Okin

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