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Without A Warning

This song is by Taramis and appears on the album Queen Of Thieves (1987).

Gone are days,
When freedom shone through.
Lonely in the shadows looking after you.
Waiting for our capture.
Waiting on our lives.
Gone without a warning.
Now lonely in my mind.

Stars they shine.
Like diamonds in the sky.
Like a tiger darkness closes in,
Shapes are moving and clouding my life.

Light is falling across a darkened sky.
Troops are dying, in the valley of Nai,
Let me speak to you my final peace.
Night is wearing colder, I begin to freeze.

Time is running our again.
This is the end, I can't pretend.
Life is draining out of me.
Don't decide for I will be.
A God within my day.
To see a brighter day.

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