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Maze Of Glory

This song is by Taramis and appears on the album Stretch Of The Imagination (1991).

Seeking the entry to pass in the maze where time stands
Glory is to be lost for now as we enter their realm
As I pass through the door my mother stands in my way
I feel tears in my eyes this is the first of the test

She waits as I walk on past the gate to her hand
The tears are clouding my eyes as her face turns to
Which way??

Don't follow your eyes go with your heart and mind
Choose your paths for you will find, the maze
Unfolds before your eyes
But it isn't as it always seems, a silent trap, which always

Menzil has senses that we are mean, we are the sons
The maze is starting to change, changing its form
Only the end we seek of what has become
A failure to find the key will mean man's doom
This is your doom

So as the rain begins to tall
Mystic flights arrive, demons of our spawn
Riding through the clouds faces lost in war
Calling out our names we shall heed their call

As we're carried off to the center of the maze
Faces shout our names from below the walls of hate
Flight of the demons taking our mind through the world
Showing us the pity of man's greed
Hear the choir sings a haunting epitaph
As we're taught the lesson of our lonely lives

Now we fall from the sky drifting in our mind
All alone, it seems, will we ever land

How we find ourselves in a simple life
Only me to care, no one ever knew
Show me what it is that you're asking for
"Son you'll never know what you're searching for"

See the guiding light as the maze, it re-appears
As our minds become as one we see within
We passed the tests it seems, but shall we gain the key
Man shall never learn from two men's silent deeds
Hear the choir sing the haunting epitaph.

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