Taral Hicks:Don't Let The Feeling Go Away Lyrics

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Don't Let the Feeling Go Away

This song is by Taral Hicks.

Don't let the feeling go away, don't let the feeling go away.

Verse 1: Here in the dark together, loving you so sweet. There
ain't no place I'd rather be (no). Baby it feels like heaven,
never felt like this, I'm crazy for your kiss. Please tell me
not to worry, cause you know I do. I just wanna stay
here with you, ohh..

Chorus: Don't let the feeling go away, don't let the feeling go
away. Tell me the loved that's shared oh won't ever
change, promise me you'll always stay. Don't let the
feeling go away, oh, don't let the feeling go away.

Verse 2: I've never been so happy, your sweet love is mine
today, and cause of you I feel so free. Oh, cause I've
seen some bad things happen, others lie and cheat.
A friend, becomes an enemy. Let's try to stay together,
and treat each other right. Gotta keep the fire burning
all through the night.

Chorus: repeat (fade out) Don't let it go...

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