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You Know Just What I'd Do

This song is by Tanya Tucker and appears on the album You Are So Beautiful (1977).

If we lost all we had would I walk your rocky road or take a different path
Would I sell my pride for you
If you ask me to walk the streets you know just what I'd do
Would your child have a home if it should be born of love other than our own
Would I still stand by you
Knowing you've loved someone else you know just what I'd do
If my love for you meant giving up my life would I lay it down for you
And if you were blind would I give you my sight
You know exactly what I'd do if you ask me to
Would I live with the scar that you carry in your heart from another woman's war
Would I lend you wounds for you
If I knew you needed me you know just what I'd do mhm mhm

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