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What's Your Story

This song is by Tanya Stephens and appears on the album Gangsta Blues (2003).

A just so man tan, yeah,
A so the whole a dem tan,
Better we 'low dem and mek dem galang
Saturday night was our anniversary so I made something special for my man and me
Go outa mi way do everything right, from the champagne chilling to the dim light
Put on some music turned it way down low, lovey dovey softies fi get the right flow
Lay out mi neglige weh have the red glow, and after all a that the wretch never show 10
O'Clock me a contemplate and, 11
O'Clock me seh it a get late and
Seh me nah go get vex me still a wait and nuh watch the lateness 'cause we a
Jamaican 12
O'Clock when me nuh see him me start see red, 1
O'Clock anger turned into panic instead
Me start wonder if them rob him put a cap inna him head and feel guilty how me vex when
The man probably dead
So me pick up me phone and start call up me friends
Jump inna me car and go circle some ends
Come back inna di house and start bawl pon di floor when 'bup' me hear a key inna di door
Guess who?
Stepping in at a quarter to three, talk up what's your story
Wha coulda be more important than me, talk up what's your story
You coulda deal, me a go disturb the peace, talk up what's your story
Somebody please run go call the police, talk up what's your story
C'mon now, c'mon now, wha yuh haffi seh to me
Him step inna the house a grin him 32 teeth
With some spur o' the moment flowers him pick up outa street
Acting like him don't know something wrong, somebody please sing him the first verse a di song
Bout yuh s-s-stop dung a
Juicy dem shop, well 1:30 when me pass
Juicy did lock
Yuh lef rounda
Juicy and go dung a
Burro, well me did check desso too and dem neva see yuh bout yuh stop dung a the market play 2 hand a poker, somebody please come rescue this joker
Ketch himself afire heng himself wid dem rope ya, call the fire brigade fi come clear up dem smoke ya
There's something about man weh me can't understand, always a wedge himself inna some tight likkle jam, never taking the details into consideration, and always a underestimate dem woman
A waltz inna di house wid some half-baked plan and some very familiar lies weh yuh pick up outa song
Mm-mm, honey please... yuh fegat seh a me buy yuh di
Hammond collection? yuh better come out go look a next gal fi con (Chorus)

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