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Sliding & Diving (1996)Edit

Tanya Donelly - Sliding & Diving
Sliding & Diving
  1. Bum
  2. Restless
  3. Human
  4. Swoon

Lovesongs for Underdogs (1997)Edit

Tanya Donelly - Lovesongs for Underdogs
Lovesongs for Underdogs
  1. Pretty Deep
  2. The Bright Light
  3. Landspeed Song
  4. Mysteries of the Unexplained
  5. Lantern
  6. Acrobat
  7. Breathe Around You
  8. Bum
  9. Clipped
  10. Goat Girl
  11. Manna
  12. Swoon

Sleepwalk (2001)Edit

Tanya Donelly - Sleepwalk
  1. The Storm
  2. After Your Party
  3. Days Of Grace
  4. Last Rain

Beautysleep (2002)Edit

Tanya Donelly - Beautysleep
  1. Life Is but a Dream
  2. The Storm
  3. The Night You Saved My Life
  4. Keeping You
  5. Moonbeam Monkey
  6. Wrap-Around Skirt
  7. Another Moment
  8. Darkside
  9. So Much Song
  10. The Wave
  11. The Shadow
  12. Head For Math (hidden track after The Shadow)

Whiskey Tango Ghosts (2004)Edit

Tanya Donelly - Whiskey Tango Ghosts
Whiskey Tango Ghosts
  1. Divine Sweet Divide
  2. Every Devil
  3. Whiskey Tango
  4. Just in Case You Quit Me
  5. Butterfly Thing
  6. My Life as a Ghost
  7. The Center
  8. Golden Mean
  9. The Promise
  10. Story High
  11. Fallout
  12. Dona Nobis Pacem

This Hungry Life (2006)Edit

Tanya Donelly - This Hungry Life
This Hungry Life
  1. New England
  2. World on Fire
  3. Kundalini Slide
  4. This Hungry Life
  5. Littlewing
  6. To the Lighthouse
  7. Invisible One
  8. Days of Grace
  9. Long Long Long
  10. River Girls
  1. Bury My Heart (from The Bright Light (disc 1) CD single)
  2. How Can You Sleep (from The Bright Light (disc 1) CD single)
  3. Influenza (from Pretty Deep (disc 2) CD single)
  4. Life On Sirius (from The Bright Light (disc 2) CD single)
  5. Moon Over Boston (from The Bright Light (disc 2) CD single)
  6. Morna (from Pretty Deep (disc 1) CD single)
  7. Spaghetti (from Pretty Deep (disc 1) CD single)
  8. These Days (from Pretty Deep (disc 2) CD single)
  9. Vanilla (from Pretty Deep 7" single)

Songs from Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Fall Out
  2. Influenza (Live)
  3. Josie And The Pussycats

Additional information

Tanya Donelly was a member of:

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