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​No Bwoy

This song is by Tanto Metro & Devonte.

Intro: Yuh like to tell lies, tell lies
Prepare to die, bye (Laugh)

Chorus: No bwoy caan dis mi and no end up dung a mispa
Tun yuh inna duppy like Casper
Wi nuh tek nuh back answer
Vanish from dem try bruck the law
Who wa watch how man a step it man a gangster
Copper kill yuh quicker than cancer
A black rain yuh want
A mi dem call Quick Draw McGraw

Verse 1: A wha tek batter foot quami 'bout him a run place
A flee when the real shotta dem touch base
Police back him up and give him 32 straight
Through him always hype and a carry screw face
Who is coming next wanna make that mistake
Is it you, you won't be so lucky to escape
I got a nine that will leave you inna very poor state

Leaving holes in yuh looking like a crate

Verse 2: Seems like dis little bwoy yah hard a hearing
Walk wid gun inna waist like him think mi fear him
Clappers go buss and a that go scare him
And him still a boost war
Seems him nuh know say him death deh near him
Wi have it mind fi Mr. Madden prepare
(No) left him inna bush mek john crow share him
Man a snipper that's who we are

Repeat from top