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World Without Pity

This song is by Tank and appears on the album War Machine (2010).

Can you feel the torment of the sacred sun?
Can you feel it rising on the things you've done
Can you feel the moment the abandoned roar?
Can you give them shelter from the coming storm?

If I cast my mind back, I live within my shell
If I look behind me I see that you're not there
Is any one there? No!

If the greed of liars makes you feel betrayed
And the hate within us is a tidal wave
Breathe the scent of wanting smell the jealousy
For the lives of others we look the other way.

Cast your mind back to the days when we were young
We had open hearts but the innocence has gone
Now we all dream alone.

In a world without pity
So many lost and lonely souls
In a world without pity
I walk the streets and I walk alone.

I've heard every cliché in every song
If you don't like it how can you sing along?
I heard that forever is a lonely place
Maybe we can meet there sometime some day.

But just remember today is for today
And if tomorrow the light gone away
I still hear him say.

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