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My Insanity

This song is by Tank and appears on the album War Machine (2010).

Hollow cheeks and ice cold eyes
A hero lives but he's dead inside
The across he bares
Wounds and scars
Wild-eyed stare but he don't look back.

Soldier of fortune mistress of pain
Stares at the ground through the mist and the rain
Looks like someone we should know
Come so far but there's a long way to go.

You can't see his world from here
Can't see the world.

This is my insanity
I stare at nothing at all.

Lying here I cannot move
Gone are the days I had something to prove
I hear them talk I can't reply
All I want is just to breakdown and cry.

Locked in this prision locked in this hell
Praying to God to get my life back again
Look like someone you once knew
Wish I could but I just can't break through.

You can't see his world from there
You can't see my world.
This is my insanity
I'm such a long way gone. I, so alone
I'm such a long way gone, Lost in this world
My cruel world.

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