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Le Son de la pluie

This song is by Tamtrum.

Love is a game, nothing to win, a lot to lose.
Find you, taste you, lick you, I fuck you like a fiend
(And then)

Don't want to be your slave, don't want to hear the rain.
Don't wanna hear this sound 'cause I know the smell of pain.

My eyes are pretty so I can make you sleep faster.
My tongue is soft so I can taste you better.
My fingers is long so I can stroke your guts deeper.
But my heart was not weak so you could destroy it harder.

All of this goes around in a circle, again and again, the same story.
I'm fed up, my skull smells like death.
I suffer; you smell like sulfur.
I wanna die bitch!

(You wouldn't even come and visit my grave, too busy to put your make-up on for someone else.)

Today it's raining, yet it won't be washing my pain away.
I hate what I'm writing
I hate what I'm writing
You! reading this lines you know you'll be the next!
You know you'll be the next!
You know you'll be the next!

(So remember the sound of the rain striking the ground and know you'll never forget it.)

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