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I'm Not Mine To Give

This song is by Tammy Wynette and appears on the album Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad (1967).

I know how you love me you tell me all the time that you'll love me as long as you live
You tell me you want me and ask well I'll be yours
Although you know that I'm not mine to give
I'm not mine to give to you so please let's not pretend
All the things you want you know are here
You want me just for yourself but you know this must end
No matter how I feel that how it is
If I'd met you sooner things might not be the same
But life is one thing you just can't relive
Please go on without me and find someone to love
It can't be me 'cause I'm not mine to give
No it can't be me 'cause I'm not mine to give